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Why am I so pale?

Ok so alot of people ask me this. So I’m going to clarify some things.

  • I am naturally this pale. I do not wear make-up to make my skin tone paler otherwise I’d have a horrible line on my neck showing wear the make-up stops. Also my body woud be a different tone to my face. Maintaining pale skin is hard work especially in the summer.
  • Pale skin is usually dry or sensitive, unfourtunately for me my skin is both. So being pale has its cons aswell.
  • I am naturally pale so if you want to become paler and you naturally have a darker skin tone its going to be hard as its your genes which determine your skin colour.
  • If you really want paler skin do not expose your skin to sunlight, so alot of spf50 with 5 stars. ( spf is protection against UVB, stars indicate protection to UVA, which is the stuff that makes you tan). In the winter I wrap up anyway so no exposure there.
  • Moisturise daily with a moisturiser with spf and exfoliate weekly. This will speed up the renewal of your existing skin cells. Resulting in new paler skin cells.
  • If you’re pale can’t find a light enough foundation the best ones I have come across are bobbi brown foundationin 00 Alabaster and Bourjois foundation tone 51. If these are still not pale enough as they are for me press with a white powder to cancel out the orange. I use stargazer white pressed powder.
  • Skin care I use aloe products for my sensitive skin. Any skin brightening/whiteneing cream is good to, but they are expenisve. Skin doctors whitening cream is £20 from boots which is the best one I’ve come across. BE CAUTIOUS WHEN ORDERING ONLINE as some creams contain bleach.

I hope this answers peoples question if you have any more feel free to ask me.